Ellipsoid Trajectory Visualization


The visualization of particle trajectories is an important tool for analyzing particle movements and finding movement patterns. The trajectory of a particle describes its path covered over time.

Providing a suitable visualization tool for ellipsoid-shaped particles was the topic of my diploma thesis.

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Diploma Thesis

This project investigated visualization techniques suitable for ellipsoid-shaped particles to convey the most relevant particle properties as good as possible. These properties are time, position and orientation (pose) of the ellipsoid, and linear as well as angular velocities.

The developed visualization tool includes a random generator for trajectories of ellipsoid-shaped particles and the possibility to load simulation data. The visualization is efficient enough to support interactive exploration.

Visualization Tool.


You can either compile the visualization tool from source code or use a precompiled version:




Hi my name is Franziska Kahlert (born Kr├╝ger) and I finished my computer science studies at TU Dresden with my diploma thesis in December 2018. I started working at the chair of Computer Graphics and Visualization as a research associate in January 2019.

Currently I'm working on my PhD in the field of scientific visualization in virtual reality for an even better intuitive spatial understanding of the visualized data. For this I'm developing the presented visualization tool further.

franziska.kahlert at tu-dresden.de